Preparation for planting the vines began in the summer of 1992. First the soil was ripped to a depth of two and a half feet three different ways with the last pass following the contours of the land.

land clearing.jpg

A crew of five men with a bucket loader spent a week removing rocks, roots and stumps from the 4 acre field. A box scrapper leveled the ground in preparation for planting a cover crop.

red earth.jpg
Bales of rotten hay were spread over the newly cleared land to facilitate cover crop germination and guard against erosion.

The first shoots push through the soil. Irrigation lines are in place in anticipation of summer heat.

new vine.jpg

New vines growing nicely in our rocky soil.



Ian Morrison with daughter Yedda planting vines in May 1993.


Irrigation was installed spring of 1993.

Ian digging holes for the trellis system posts.


training cordons.jpg

Ellyn Morrison training cordons and driving the Kubota.


first harvest.jpg
The hard working Palo Alto Vineyard Managment crew picking our grapes on a cool September morning.