For thousands of years the hilly canyon lands of the Mayacama Mountains east of the present day village of Kenwood were inhabited by the southern branch of the Wappo Indians. These hunter-gatherers left behind ample evidence of their habitation along Sonoma Creek in Adobe Canyon. In the vineyard we sometimes come across pieces of worked obsidian as well as fragments of stone grinding tools.

Broken obsidian points as well as a large scraping tool. These objects are most often found on a slope in the vineyard after a hard winter rain.

Rich in the early history of California, Sonoma Valley, “Valley of the Moon,” is where the Franciscan Padres established the county’s first vineyards in the 1830's. The bear Flag revolt was staged in the sleepy town of Sonoma, and later, Jack London would plant grapes on his ranch in the Valley's western hills. Today's wine growers still take advantage of the hot summer days tempered by cool airflows from the Pacific Ocean to produce some of the world's finest wines.

Established in 1993 the 4 acre Morrison Vineyard is on land that was once part of the extensive estate of Milo Baker, the famous Sonoma County botanist. In the early 1900’s he grew strawberries on the part of the land that borders Sonoma Creek. In 1940, he sold 18 acres to fellow botanist Herbert Mason and his wife Lucille who later passed it on to their son, David T. Mason. The Morrison family moved to the property in 1972.

In 2005 the Vineyard including 13 acres of surrounding wild lands was placed under a conservation easement with the Sonoma Land Trust prohibiting further developement. As part of the conservation easement process the Milo Baker chapter of the Native Plant Society undertook a plant census that resulted in a comprehensive list of the native and exotic plants growing in the area. Plant list

Ian Morrison has kept a Bird List since moving here in 1972. Bird life is especially rich with six species of owls having been recorded. Pileated Woodpeckers are common. Golden Eagles and Peregrine Falcons are seen on occasion. Cavity nesters, including Violet-green Swallows and Western Bluebirds, are common and encouraged with numerous bird boxes. Several species of song birds nest in the vine canopies.


Lesser Goldfinch Nests

lego nest.jpg The vineyard supports a healthy population of reptiles and amphibians

Over the years, some unusual animals have been seen in and around the vineyard including a Ring-tailed Cat and a Black Bear. Mammal List