Mammal List- Fall 2008

Virginia Opossum-Didelphis  virginiana

Broad-footed Mole-Scapanus latimanus 

Little Brown Myotis-Myotis lucifugus

Brazilian Free-tail Bat-Tadarida brasiliensis

Black Bear-Ursus americanus 1 

Raccoon-Procyon lotor

Ringtail Cat-Bassariscus astutus 2

Striped Skunk-Mephitis mephitis

Gray Fox-Urocyon cinereoargenteus

Coyote-Canis latrans

Bobcat-Lynx rufus

Mule Deer-Odocoileus hemionus

California Ground Squirrel-Spermophilus  beecheyi

Western Gray Squirrel-Sciurus griseus

Southwestern Pocket Gopher-Thomomys bottae 

Western Harvest Mouse-Reithrodontomys  megalotis

Deer Mouse-Peromyscus maniculatus

Dusky-footed Wood Rat-Neotoma fuscipes

California Meadow Vole-Microtus californicus

Black-tailed Hare -Lepus californicus

1-a single sighting of a young Black Bear August of 1984(The animal was later killed by the County trapper in Nun’s Canyon)

2-a single sighting September 1976